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LOOKS LIKE THE DATES ARE SET FOR MAY 22 THRU 25TH MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND MAY 2015,  Most everyone has agreed that's the best time frame at this point. 

There are now 51 people in the FACEBOOK GROUP   and that's a good place to share communication. 

People are welcome to show up at Charlie's river property on Friday the 22nd and to camp there for the duration. I would expect that Saturday and Sunday will be the big days for music and fellowship with the most people and that some will linger thru Monday and into the next week. No real limit on staying for a few extra days. 
                                    LODGING AND CAMPING 
Pat Culbertson and Mary Munsey have agreed to help organize the food situation and to interface with the people who own the cabins across the river for lodging closest to the site. There should be some information by Aug 20 on the cabin rental cost. There are many potential places to stay within 20 minutes of the site and you are welcome to bring tents or camping vehicles.
Check the images below for the site location and lodging possibilities nearby.  
                                         PARKING AND SITE ACCESS
Check the pictures below to see the site and it's relationship to the cabins across the river. We will probably have to have most everyone park near the rental cabins across the river due to limited space on the site and either cross the river or car pool or walk back over the bridge to the site. We can wade the river or set up a ferry by canoe but we need to keep as many cars on that side of the river as possible because of limited parking space on the site side. 
(image below shows site marked with yellow pin and cabins in red outline) 
The bridge on the far left to the cabins and lots of parking and the bottom center shows the drive from the site to the road. The drive is narrow and fairly long. So parking across the river is best. 

                                     FOOD AND BEVERAGES 
At some point we will put together prospective food ideas. This is a joint effort reunion so everyone is going to be expected to contribute to make this a success. I wish I had the resources to make this a party and feed everyone but alas that is not the case. So we will have to come up with a way to pool resources and effort to make food happen unless someone wants to volunteer to feed everyone. We will need extra grills and coolers so bring them. 
                                    MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT
We will put together a sound system of some kind and the musicians will bring their own instruments. Charlie and I are looking to arrange a canopy/ large tent to cover enough area to keep everyone in the dry in case of rain. We can put the musicians on the screened porch of the cabin if it rains or perhaps make a stage inside the tent. People should try to bring lawn chairs or blankets and air mattresses. 
There are tubes, kayaks, canoes, and plenty of river to swim, tube and stack rocks. Lots of open space for frisbee, badminton, croquet, soccer, etc. And there will be bonfires, marshmellows and s'mores. 

But there is but one lone toilet on the premises so we will need to discuss a porta-potty or a place to dispose of your Depends? The cabins across the river also have facilities and the woods are there for the guys. 

PEOPLE WITH IDEAS - things to bring and memories to share - this is OUR REUNION and will only be as successful as WE make it. So ask not what we can do for you - Ask what you can bring to the party for all of us. 


THREE DAYS OF PEACE AND MUSIC with memories of Jesse, Stuart, Michael, Butch, Byrd, John Mack, Randy, Patti, David, Bobby, and Chuck on the Greenbriar River  

Several people have indicated an interest in attending the event. Dana Paul and Stick Davis are on board and I've received email from James Ladd (Jacaranda & Mountain Sound), Bob Bohanan, Virgina Arouh, and Jean Van Devanter White among others. Trying to keep track but it seems we could have a pretty large group. 

As of now we only have one conflict for the first weekend in June that has been mentioned so the question to be decide is whether to do this on Memorial Day Weekend OR the 2nd or 3rd week in June.  Please send in a preference if you have one.

Pat and Mary have the lodging information for the cabins across the river - in order to keep that organized you should contact them by reply to the email list. There is a picture below of the location along the Greenbriar River near Pittman Center and there are many cabins and motels within 15 minutes of the site so you can Google Earth or Google Maps for 3654 Pittman Center  Road and you can locate all of the cabin and motel rentals nearby.


and a map version of the same  - there are more pictures below on this site

and let other's know you think should be invited. 


We now have around 25 confirmed with spouses and I have added Sarah Bounds-Anderson, Sam Bozeman, Jan Randles and Robin Majors to our email list. Sarah started the I KNEW THE STRIP IN THE 70's site with Michael Swaggerty and she was close to RMT and Jim Bradley back in the day. Robin was with Mountain Sound. Jan lives nearby, was close friends with Stuart and has lots of pictures to bring. 

I have extended invitations to Robert Hewgley, Stick Davis, Randy Haspel, Billy Earhart, and Zoe Hoyle via Facebook messaging. They are all connected to the groups Sandy Garrett is trying to reach Shady Grove and Pat is trying to reach Red Buddy through Irene and I hope someone tries to reach Dana Paul and Russell Smith. Our (Charlie, David, and my) brother Sam is also invited so we will hopefully have another keyboard player and a fiddler if he can bring his daughter Ursula - and a cello if his son Caleb comes.
​Susan, Steve Gordie, Linda, Butch, Stick, Jesse, Chris, the Whip 
Danny, Russell, Toby, Charlie
Sandy, Stuart, RedBuddy, David, Bobby, Shady Grove
Jesse, Stick, Butch
​Steve Stuart and Gordie 
​Hector and RB 
Danny Stick Russell and Butch


Mary and Pat have volunteered to help coordinate the food effort.  Should we try to pool some $$$ to finance the purchase of food and beverages in bulk? That's one cost that will be common to the group. Mary and Pat will come up with the food plan and a suggestion for how much should be contributed to that effort. Mary and Pat have agreed to the idea of one communal meal per day and a supply of sandwich stuff and breakfast stuff with coffee and we can lay in some beer, soft drinks, tea, lemonade, and water along with snack foods so nobody goes hungry. Mary has suggest that people who have something they would like to prepare join them for the meal planning.  

Sandy and I will put together some mics and speakers for vocals over the electric guitars, keyboards and drums so the musicians can play electric and hear the vocals. Sandy will record it all and we will have it on CD or mp3 files for everyone along with pictures and copies of the memorabilia. We will try to have a keyboard on hand and guitar/bass amps. There will also be plenty of acoustic music. If anyone wants SWB, Jesse, Aces, RB Morris, or RMT music via computer let me know so you can prepare to sing along. 

Once we set the dates I think we will have most people who are traveling long distance wanting to stay at minimum 2 and likely 3 or 4 nights over an extended weekend but some will only be able to get away for one night.  

Lodging is free for those who wish to camp out and the cost of cabin rental will be available soon.It should be very reasonable for those who don't want to sleep in a tent or vehicle. If we get the big top canopy for rain insurance there will be plenty of space to lay down a pad or air mattress with a sleeping bag and there is plenty of level parking for vans or vehicles with sleeping space. We should split the cost of the canopy or big tent for the music. 

There is a shower with hot water and toilet for campers and the river is there for keeping cool and clean. The river there is spectacular so bring some sun screen and a favorite lawn chair to sit in the river, swim, tube, kayak or just hang out in the sun. If you have a favorite outdoor game there is lots of lawn for badminton, croquet, frisbee, foosball, soccer, horseshoes etc.for those of you who can still move. And we will have campfires and music with s'mores and marshmellows to go with stories and memories. If crafts and hiking are your thing there is more of that nearby than you can possibly do and we aren't that far from stores or restaurants if you need food we don't have. 

UPDATE July 6th, 
Steve & Gordie (SWB), Sandy Garrett (RMT) and RB Morris along with Charlie, David, Lib McShane, Pat, Mary, Timbs, Ken Gray, Richard, Bruce, Sarah Bounds-Anderson and Linda have replied and agreed to do this so far. So we will have at least 20 with spouses and there will be sons and daughters and their families. I am expecting to have 30plus confirmed and possibly as many as 40. My brother Sam & family, Robert Hewgley, Randy Haspel, Stick Davis, Billy Earhart, Zoe Hoyle, Susan Sullivan, and Shady Grove have been invited and we are trying to get word to Russell Smith and Douglas "Red Buddy" Moisson. 

Charlie is checking on getting us the cabins across the river. Mary has offered to coordinate food and meal ideas along with Pat.  
Sandy will help with the music equipment. 

We are going to set a date pretty soon after we get the deals on the cabins. 

The event will last as long as you wish.
I see some folks coming up the 2nd day for an afternoon of river fun, and evening meal, and a night of music and memories. Some folks traveling a distance may stay 4 or more nights. So it will be up to you to decide how long you might want to stay and play. We will have the rental cabin costs for 1 night to a week and we can keep as many as required for as long as folks want to stay and play. 

Please email aurabass@gmail dot com to get on the email list for planning - this is an interactive event requiring your participation to make it great. There will be things to bring, food to prepare, beverages, and memorabilia and lots of music so be prepared to contribute - the more that do the more fun will be had by all. 

Picture of site from Google Earth. The site is marked yellow pin CHB River and the rental cabins are across the river marked in Red  - 4 2 bedroom cabins with another single BR near the site entrance shown as the diagonal drive at the middle of the river section running left to right - bottom of picture. 


Close up view below of cabins and site. 


Original Post Below.  

This is an initial exploratory action to see who might be interested in this idea first expressed by Pat Culbertson about a month ago. 
I've spoken with Charlie and David about the place and mentioned it to Bruce, Mary, and Susan so this is going out to the list of contacts above  

Several people have been talking about trying to get together for a BIG CHILL weekend for a "reunion" of the people who were part of the adventure in Canada or who have been connected to the music as part of the Winchester, ARA, RMT, SWB groups including RB Morris.  

This is something that will likely be planned for next MAY or early JUNE?  or we could possibly shoot for late Summer early Fall this year. 

The mailing list for those I have on hand does not include Richard Pipkin but I will add him through Facebook - and I'm sure Susan or Gordie can contact Linda the whip. Nor does it include Susan Sullivan who I think can be contacted by Lib McShane. I will also invite Chris Caron and Dougal Caron (Michaels ex) and we would also welcome children and grand children of those who want to come. 

I'm sure there are possibly people I'm forgetting - please let me know if you think of anyone else who should be invited. 

Right now the place that seems like it might be best is owned by Dr. Charlie and Linda
The shots below are at Charlies river place down the Greenbriar River from the Smokies below Pittman Center

Big open green lawn for camping  CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE 

​Swimming hole and great place for tubing / rafting the cabin on the left is a rental across the river from the property. there are 3 or 4 over there for rent for those who don't want to camp out

Ariel view

​The camper trailer with kitchen, the screened deck and water toys storage shack, and there's a shower & bath with running water

Enough space for lots of camping or vehicles and people can use the screened deck and the trailer

Space for outdoor games and a huge campfire

Across the river from Charlie's river place are 4 rental cabins 
We will check on prices and availability.  There are 100's of possibilities for rentals in the area. 
We will have to get some additional grills to the property - perhaps the rental properties have them?
Someone will have to take charge of food and menus -
We will do an inventory of available lawn chairs - tents - and bedding
And the people who are coming locally - Donny, RB, David, Sandy Garrett, Jim Bradley, or driving from not too far off - Pat, Becky, Bruce, Richard - Kenny?
Can possibly bring along chairs, coolers, grills, tents?
We have the small RV that Dad had that can sleep 3.  I will sleep in my van. And Mary has expressed interest in renting one of the cabins
we will get into the sleeping accommodations for those cabins or come up with nearby alternatives.
Part of the agenda would be to remember the departed:  Jesse Winchester, Stuart Wright, Butch McDade, Barry Byrd Burton, Bobby Tuccillo, Michael Caron, Chuck Burnley and David Carr. 

There are many musicians gone but there are plenty left:
RB Morris & Bruce McCoy write songs and have performed Stuart's songs along with Gordie(guitar bass) and Steve Deady, Stick (bass) ,Sandy Garrett, (bass )  Charlie (drums), Ken Gray (guitar) Bryan Bozeman * guitar Ben Lawhon (guitar) Morgan (guitar) are all possible attendees.
All play and we can get the equipment and drums to Charlie's river place. Perhaps Stig Davis will come and play keyboards.
Don't know if we can find Red Buddy - Doug Moisson or Shady Grove the fiddler but we can try.
Also trying to get word to Billy Earhart, Russell Smith, and Dana Paul. 
People like Robin Majors, Robert Hewgley, Zoe Hoyle, Jan Randles, and Sara Anderson have now been invited 
There must be others who knew many of the people might want to attend - Rick Cooper Andy Yood, VA Arnough? 

I spoke with Franklin on the phone 6 weeks ago but he has not replied to my email. He does make it up to Western NC from time to time. Gordie and Linda travel too. Chris Caron and Doogle would have to come a long way - Michael Caron's son, Bobby Tuccillo's son - Butch McDade and Jesse have offspring -  plus Becky, Allison, Ben - I don't have full recall of all of those. David's son Bryan is a very good musician. Charlie's son Chad plus daughter's Sarah and Leslie 

Anyway those are my initial thoughts about where people are who were around during those times and part of the music associations.

Charlies River place is particularly inviting when it's real hot and there's plenty of power - the band could set up anywhere for music and I can get gear to either place for that.
I'm thinking the music people playing music together would be a big part of it and the ability to swim and cool off would be good
plus a place where we could all be together in a larger indoor or outdoor space and the noise wouldn't be a problem.
And it seems to me that E. Tenn is pretty central to everyone and easier to do than trying to cross the border and E.Tenn is more accessible to most everyone.

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THIS IS NOT A COMMITMENT this is a non-binding "BEST GUESS" attempt at  planning.

In  order to plan for meals and facilities it is necessary to get some rough estimate of the numbers of people we might expect - and to get some understanding of what would be acceptable in terms of costs. 

So please just offer your best guess preference so we can get an idea of numbers:
The dates start on May 22nd - Friday evening of Memorial Day Weekend


WHEN will you arrive? Fri 22nd Sat 23rd?

How long would you stay? Mon 25th of later? 

How many will be in your party? (we welcome spouses, significant other's, traveling companions, your children & grandchildren, pets, and little green women or other aliens. 

Do you plan to camp on the property or will you be arranging for lodging? 
Do you have an RV or other camping vehicle? (pickup truck or van) 

Would something like 50 dollars per person for 2 cooked meals and 2 lunches with sandwiches and breakfast self-service items etc on Sat and Sunday be acceptable? (also to cover the cost of a large tent and porta potties?)
in order to start planning for food and waste facilities we need to get an idea of how many people will be coming and for how long.- Just give us your best guess for you and whomever you are bringing with.
As a preliminary organizational necessity the folks who want to help plan for the care and feeding of those who are interested in attending the BIG CHILL REUNION on Memorial Day Weekend 2015 I am asking for your best guess so we might begin to make some plans. The earlier we start to reserve space and plan for meals, porta potties, a canopy, and possible caterers the better. So at this point we just need to see who is interested in attending - and on which dates.
The general idea at present would be for people to begin to arrive on Friday evening the 22nd of May - the big days and nights for music and memories will likely be Sat the 23rd and Sun the 24th - with festivities continuing through Mon Memorial Day the 25th. We can plan for food for some or all of those days.
So please indicate in the comments below this post when you think you might arrive - Fri? Sat? and how long you might remain - thru Sun or Mon or further (there is no limit and some will be around for the week)
And lastly - do you favor the idea of pooling $$ for food for a group meal for both Sat and Sun - with sandwich fixings for lunch and snacks in addition? WE have a cousin who does barbeque competitions with a fine rig for that purpose - is that something you would favor.

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Dr. Charles H. Bozeman II Graduates

The Bozeman Family 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Cashiers NC. 1994

Young Dr. receives diploma of Dr. E. C. Lay - maternal great-great grandfather from his grandmother Georgia Newman

Dr. Bozeman's Family with grandmother Georgia & parents C. Howard Sr. & Barbara circa 1990

The children of Dr. Bozeman - Sarah, Leslie, and Chad

Daughter Leslies birthday collage

Feb. 2004 Dr. Bozeman with wife Linda and parents